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Aluminum tube low speed production line

Aluminum tube low speed production line

This production line production speed is 60 pieces/min.
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Aluminum tube low speed production line



This production line is composed of Vibrating Screening Plate, Extrusion Press Machine,Trimming Machine,Annealing oven,Lacquer curing oven,Base Coating Machine,Printing Machine,Capping Machine,Latexing Machine.The production speed is 60 pcs/min.

The vibrating screen disc screens the aluminum discs and enters the extrusion press machine to squeeze them into tubes, then the trimming machine cuts the threads of the nozzle and polishes the tube body, then the tube enters the annealing oven for high temperature softening treatment, and then the internal lacquering machine Carry out internal spraying (mainly used for anti-corrosion and hygiene and safety), then go through the lacquer curing oven for high-temperature internal drying, and then color the aluminum tube through processes such as background color and printing (four-color, five-color, and six-color printing can be performed), in the two processes of background color and printing, each process requires a drying oven for drying operation, so there is a gantry on top of the two machines, and the two drying ovens are placed on the gantry, corresponding to base coating machine and printing machine. The colored aluminum tube is screwed on the tube by a capping machine, and finally glue is evenly sprayed on the inner wall of the tail of the aluminum tube by latexing machine, and then packed and sealed.


The main configuration of the production line:

Configuration Brand
Touch screen SIEMENS
Inverter Taian
Proximity switch TURCK
Rotary encoder KOYO
Pneumatic components AIRTAC
Photoelectric switch BANNER
Thermostat FUJI


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Aluminum can production line
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Aluminum tube high speed production line
Details 白箭头 黑箭头
Aluminum tube low speed production line
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